frequently asked questions

How long will the experience take?

We've designed Room For Tea will take visitors on a (inner) journey that lasts about 40 minutes.

Where is Room For Tea locates?

We are located at 371 Broadway, New York, which is 2 blocks away from the Canal Street station (NQRW, JZ or 6).

What should I bring?

Your ticket in either physical or digital form, a photo ID, and, if you'd like, your phone or camera. If you stroll in with an unusually large bag or a (preferably foldable) baby carriage, our staff can put it off towards the exit. You can retrieve these when you're done :)  

Do you offer coat and/or stroller check?

We do not. Be sure to bring a foldable stroller. We'll hold onto it while you peruse our event space and then you'll pick it up at the exit.  

Do I need to print my ticket?

You do not need to print your ticket confirmation. However, please have your ticket confirmation email pulled up on your phone when you approach the registration area. We can quickly check you in via the barcode within the email.

When should I arrive for the tea ceremony? 

The tea ceremony will begin 10 minutes after each time slot you purchased: 1:10pm, 3:10pm and 5:10pm. Please be sure to arrive in time for this special event and (please) time your stay so you can wander through the rest of the exhibit :)

Are tickets available at the door?

Yes, we do offer at door tickets when there is available l

Is Room For Tea wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, not all the sections are wheelchair accessible. If you still want to purchase tickets please contact and we will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible.

Can my child come without me?

Sure, but if they're under 14 they cannot enter the premises unless under (conscientious) adult supervision.

Who can I speak to about press coverage of Room For Tea? What about press passes?

We'd love to speak with you. Please send an email to

Have a question we didn't answer?

Message us or leave us a comment on Instagram @RoomForTea

Alternatively, you can email us at

Can I refill my bubble tea?

We love your passion for bubble tea. However we are not offering refilling in this event. If you like the boba from our partners please visit their stores around the city :)  

Where can I check who’s making bubble tea the day I visit?

You can check both bubble tea and tea schedule here.

Each of our bubble tea partners will take over the bubble tea counter in Room For Tea for 3-5 days. And all of them will offer their special bubble tea for you to choose from.

How much are tickets?

$23 for general admission. $33 for Tea Enthusiast admission. Children under 4 get in for free.

What’s included in the ticket?

The general admission ticket gets you:

  • A FREE Boba tea/boba tea tasting for each admission. Thanks to our amazing sponsors!

  • August 28 - September 1 | 16oz bubble tea drink 

  • September 2 - September 8 | 4 4oz boba samples for tasting 

  • September 9 - September 22 | 16oz bubble tea drink 

  • A tree will be planted because of your visit.

  • A plantable card for every guest. Yes, you can grow a plant from a card!

My child is younger than 4. Will they get bubble tea, too? 

 We feel that children younger than 4 may not be familiar enough with tapioca balls, so their drinks will not have bubbles. However, their tea drinks will still be delicious. 

As an aside, we strongly advise that parents advise their younger children about bubbles in their tea. It always pays to be mindful. 

Can I transfer my ticket?

No, you may not scalp nor transfer tickets. Bring an ID because this will be verified upon admission.

One last thing. Tickets purchased from a third party site are not valid.

Do you refund tickets or change times?

Sorry, but we cannot refund you nor change your time. Each time slot is limited to those who have registered.

What time do I need to arrive for my timed ticket?

Each ticket covers a half-hour window of admission. Please arrive within the first twenty minutes of the window for which you are registered otherwise you will not be admitted. For example, if you have a ticket for the slot from 12 to 12:30 PM, please arrive between 12 and 12:20 at the latest.

Are there bathrooms?


Are pets allowed inside?


Do you host private events or have corporate partnerships?

Yes! Please contact us at for private and corporate event information.

What forms of payment do you accept at the giftshop?

Room For Tea accepts cash and credit card payments at our gift shop.

Does Room For Tea support any local communities or charities?

We are supporting Trees For the Future for their project - The Forest Garden Program. Every ticket sold, we will be helping them plant a tree. By planting specific types of fast-growing trees, fruit trees, hardwoods and food crops in a systematic manner over a four year period, families can positively change their lives forever.

How long the tea ceremony will be? Why I pay extra for tea ceremony?

The tea ceremony will be a 40 mins full experience of tea drinking. You will closely watch the ceremony, tasting the sensation of  as well as knowing the story behind the tea.

How many people will be in the tea ceremony?

It will be a group of 5-6 people during the ceremony.