An experience celebrating tea culture has opened in an old abandoned building in Shanghai

Sep 28 - Nov 05.2018 | Shanghai. China

Room For Tea Shanghai

ROOM FOR TEA offers a fun hour-long journey which features eight main scenes and over twenty-five visual highlights to give everyone a fun and aesthetic way to experience and learn more about tea.

9 Scenes and
20 Visual Highlights

You’ll experience a 40-min journey featuring 9 main senses and 20 visual highlights. Senses are: “Labyrinth of Tea’s Origin”, “Milk Tea Metropolis”, “Breezy Oasis”, “Summer BOBA Court”, “Matcha House”, “Bobo Lab”, “Meditation Moment” by Projject, and “Sound of Water” by LLND. All of these represent different tea cultures.

Labyrinth of Tea origin

Pass through layers of curtains to explore the mystery of the world's oldest tea. 

Piece of peace

Meditation Moment is designed by Projject, a design studio based in Shenzhen and London. The design of this room is centered around self-reflection. More than a thousand hanging lake-blue silk strips divides the room and creates a personal space for everyone. You can find more than ten ways to unfurl any knots of stress you may have when you are here.

Milk Tea Metropolis

Take a walk down the street in Hong Kong to witness how this British royal drink transformed into a feature of the city's urban style.  

Matcha House is another Alice In Wonderland story that happened on top of a table in a Japanese tea-house. Matcha and Japanese desserts are famous for their refreshing green color and cute appearance. It's steeped in a human-sized matcha cup and hugging a four-foot-long matcha roll topped with fruit. You will surely feel some cuteness overload here.

Matcha Matcha 


BOBA Court

Adventure with friends in our pink fun court. It's full of huge bobas and a giant milk bottle.

September 28 - November 15 No.549 Shan’xi North Road,
Jing’an District, Shanghai

Weekdays:  ¥90.00 | Weekends: ¥120.00

Bubble tea included